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(ET) All of this Experimental stuff.

Hey to All
    I have not posted to this group, I am new. I work in forklifts and this is everyday stuff. I have been reading postings about Dynamic braking, Controlling field coils for field weakening, regenerative control. If you need info on this type of stuff get a forklift service manual. I work for Yale and they have a Textbook they gave us in service school that is great. We see alot of GE EV100 and EV200 systems. If you could find a junk forklift and could get one of SCR systems you can get rid of the old resistors. You would have infinite speed and depending on the system, all the other things you are talking about. There are several other systems out there Curtis is one it is small and compact. I am not a engineer but I am sure these could be made to control your motors. You will also increase your battery life as you are not dissipating power as heat. These controllers pulse the power to the motors. I would be happy to give help as best I can.
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