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(ET) blower stuff

 Does anyone know who made a two stage tractor mounted snow blower.  I
know that Honda does, but they will be very costly even used.  John Deere
does only in their larger designs; their blowers sized right for a GE are
also single stage.  I have seen one other two stage, but cannot remember 

I learned  1 thing about tractor stuff is that one or two comp. make this
They look so much alike,OR its like sears, sears's sticker ,some one else
makes it, kinda thing. Wards did the same thing.
My gilson gas tractor and a Wards tractor are the same. paint n stickers
are different.

Was playing around with a traction motor today, and found out that you
would have to have some thing to control the feild with to make it have
speed or power.You can have speed n no power OR power n no speed. I need a

Have to try this on one of these blowers. The lab is open doctor, come on
Matthew P. Magda Jr.