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RE: Sluggish snow throwers

I haven't even bothered to try mine yet, due to rust in
the chute and on the auger, and because of a comment by
the previous owner - he recommended using silicon spray
to make it work better...  I was thinking of reconditioning
it first.

I'd lean towards whichever spray is better for runoff into
the environment, since you're likely to use a bunch over a


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Subject: Sluggish snow throwers

Thanks to all for the suggestions.  I have gotten two suggestions for 
lubricating the auger and chute to reduce clogging:

> pam, a non stick spray for frypans.

> graphite spray lubricants have 
> more staying power than vegetable oil based spray lubricants. 

I wonder if silicone or Teflon spray would be effective.  
Anyone have an 
experience one way or the other?  

What about a mineral oil-based product like WD-40 or LPS?

It also occurs to me that I probably will need to repaint the inside of 
the housing and chute -- there is some rust which may be making the 
problem worse.