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surging update

I recently wrote:

A little while back someone mentioned their unit was surging.
Today, after putting on the chains, while plowing snow with
a blade, my E16 started surging.  I believe that it is due to
belt slip.  Both of my belts are old, hard, and a bit cracked.
I plan to replace them both soon.  In fact, ASAP.  While
trying to push snow up a small incline, the belts slipped
while in any gear but low-low, and in fact slipped while in
low low with a "full blade" of snow. 

That was yesterday.  Today I tightened the belts per manual
instructions (using the shim at the front of the bracket
really is necessary), and pushed snow around for an hour
today... no slipping, and no surging.  Now that the snow
is cleared, I'll move on to checking the brushes and bearings.