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Pulling Amps etc.

Hi group!

First time posting to this site, so bear with me please.  Allow me to
comment on the following issues:
"pulling amps"
The following readings were taken on my E20-CA model [8 speed, 3 armature
resistors].  It has the lower profile Firestone Tires, which does reduce
ampere draw somewhat at the traction motor.
Mowing 3 to 6 inch high grass, relatively level, in "L" range,
approximately100-125 A.  This reading was taken at MS-1, using a Snap-On
automotive inductive ammeter, used for diagnosing automotive & truck
starters, up to 24VDC.
Note also, that the current sensing feature on this tractor has been
defeated, as I am the primary user.  Cruise control was used to guarantee
4th speed operation.
Clinbing my "steep as a horse's nose" yard, the ampere draw can easily
exceed 300A while mowing.  Using this tractor at my place of employment as 
wrecker has shown short term draws exceeding 500A, when towing a fuul sized
van or 4wd pickup into the garage.  This operation is performed in D2 to
limit wheelspin.  Our parking lot is gravel!  Hope this helps!
On the subject of the "spastic traction motor":  Take that rascal out of
service now!  Bill Gunn of Tech Parts filled me in on one of the assembly
line problems built into some of these motors.  Seems that the screw 
the "shunt" lead to the brush rigging was never tightened properly at the
factory.  Loose high current connections result in heat, and this usually
fries out the brush rigging AND THAT AIN'T CHEAP!
Short brushes aggravate the heat & fry problem, so definitely get another
Bearings are industry standard 6203 & 6205, get the sealed ones, not
shielded.  Biggest problem is getting the pulley off without trashing it!
As you have seen, Iexpect a lot from my relic and it usually does not
disappoint.  I've found areas I'd like to toughen up, but more on these

Randy Kanary
kanarys zbzoom net