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Re: Helping the batteries perfom in the cold.

Just got my snow blade rigged up (about two hours before our 1" snow)
and this time all we get is rain and sleet.

When I built my homegrown ET I put the batteries in an insulated box
that became part of the main structure. 1" square steel tubing for a
frame, 1" polyiso rigid board insulation and covered inside and out with
a layer of fiberglass. Weep holes drilled in each corner and the lid
sits on top with a rubber gasket. The gasket has 2" gaps at the corners
for minimal ventalation when discharging. In order to access the
charging plug, the entire lid must be lifted completely out of the way.
This also gives me complete access to the battery tops for watering,
checking cables, and removal when needed.

I agree with David Roden that most unheated garages are large and leaky
enough to naturally vent. From what I've been told, H2 is lighter than
air, dissapates quickly and only becomes a problem when allowed to

Now, if we could just get some of your snow so I can try the blade...