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Re: Helping the batteries perfom in the cold.

Hmm, he did say "unheated garage," didn't he?  Makes it tougher to heat 
those batteries to 65 degrees or so.  I suppose he could take the ET into 
the house for a while. <G>

The common suggestion is to ram some current through the batteries to 
warm them up.  If they need a charge (or equalization) anyway, that's 
fine, but why overcharge the batteries when all you want to do is heat 

Large auto parts jobbers (especially in northern climates) sell battery 
warmers.  These are thin plates that go under a car battery and plug into 
the wall.  That's one way.  Another is to line the bottom of the battery 
boxes with pipe heating cable.  It might be a good idea to cover this 
with a nonflammable, acid resistant material.

Many years ago when I owned a recalcitrant Plymouth Valiant (wouldn't 
start when the ambient temp dropped below 10 deg F), I used to start a 
charcoal fire in the grill, then when the coals were ready, I'd slide it 
under the engine bay to warm up things while I ate breakfast (and watched 
out the window for any untoward wisps of smoke).  NOTE: This story is for 
entertainment purposes only.  I don't recommend actually doing this!

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