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Snow throwers

Speaking of throwing snow, I put the beast on as mama nature endowed us 
with a few inches of the stuff today.  This is the first time I've used 
it.  (OK, I have to admit, it's also the first time I've used *any* snow 
thrower, so I'm pretty ignorant here.)

The photos of the snow thrower in GE's old pamphlets make it look like it 
could send your driveway's snow into the next county.  Mine could barely 
send it clear of the snow thrower, with lots of snow landing on it and 
the tractor's hood.  Worse, the discharge chute clogged up about every 10 
feet.  This was in only moderately wet snow at fairly low temperatures.  
I finally took the thrower off and put the blade on.

This is one of the older model snow throwers.  Maybe I'm expecting too 
much of a single stage snow thrower (though it looks pretty potent).  Or 
maybe not.  Anybody have any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

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