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Re: Helping the batteries perfom in the cold.

>Many years ago when I owned a recalcitrant Plymouth Valiant (wouldn't 
>start when the ambient temp dropped below 10 deg F), I used to start a 
>charcoal fire in the grill, then when the coals were ready, I'd slide it 
>under the engine bay to warm up things while I ate breakfast (and watched 
>out the window for any untoward wisps of smoke).  NOTE: This story is for 
>entertainment purposes only.  I don't recommend actually doing this!

dont think its funny. I used to do this (with a old wheel n sand with gas n
kero.mix) to warm up trucks to get them started. Black smoke was not a 
sign. O well

For the tracter it sits out side most of the time i have it covered with a
be for i use it i plug it in for 15-20 min. to warm n give them a little
Any one have a snow blower for sale?  CHEEP 
thanks for the ear
Matthew P. Magda Jr.