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Re: Snow throwers

David Roden wrote:
> The photos of the snow thrower in GE's old pamphlets make it look like it
> could send your driveway's snow into the next county.  Mine could barely
> send it clear of the snow thrower, with lots of snow landing on it and 
> the
> tractor's hood.  Worse, the discharge chute clogged up about every 10
> feet.  This was in only moderately wet snow at fairly low temperatures.  
> I
> finally took the thrower off and put the blade on.

I have a bit of experience with snow throwers, though not the one 
on my ElecTrak yet.  Lubricating the chute will help - graphite 
spray lubricants have more staying power than vegetable oil based 
spray lubricants.  With heavy snow, it is best to take small swaths 
through the snow.  Loading the augers slows the motor, and the 
motor speed is what gives the distance on the throw.  The 
pamphlet photo (I have seen that one, it pretty obviously powder 
(light) snow.  Try taking a six inch cut through the snow, and going 
to a lower tractor speed and see if that helps.  You want the blower 
motor to run as close to unloaded speed as possible.  One way to 
test it is to park the tractor, leave the blower going and throw a 
shovel full of snow into the augers.  If that doesn't fly to your 
satisfaction, you probably need to see if there is something 
stopping the blower from functioning properly.

Just finished shoveling our driveway, only 8 inches so far, saving 
the blower for a real snowfall.

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