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RE: Lifting batteries

OK GE Elec-Trak folks, I've now seen two responses that suggest lifting a
battery by its post = DOOM or other bad stuff.  My Exide GC-4 batteries 
supplied with the plastic handles for lifting via the posts.  The batteries
have been lifted that way since I got them new.  They are about 8 years old
and have been removed and reinstalled about 8 times over their life.  So 
I see no evidence of terminal leakage or other form of DOOM.  Can onyone
accureately answer these questions:
1.  Is this no lifting by terminal post an old wive's tale?
2.  Did Exide make a major boo boo in supplying these lifting handles?
3.  Or are the Exide batteries different somehow than most other batteries?

-Steve Naugler
-e mail address:  snaugler rodel com

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> From:         Max Hall[SMTP:maxo iname com]
> Sent:         Tuesday, December 08, 1998 8:08 AM
> To:   roden ald net; elec-trak cosmos5 phy tufts edu
> Subject:      Re: Lifting batteries
> HEY! Just because this hoo-ha about lifting batteries was part of an old
> quote in an email from me doesn't mean I wrote it! "Roden" is right: 
> lift a battery by it's terminals! DOOM!
> "Max Hall" <maxo iname com> writes:
> > I did this (make clearance for the bolts atop the battery terminals)
> > because battery removal is much easier when
> > >using plastic handles bolted to the threaded rods on the terminals.
> I used to lift batteries this way too, but no longer do so.  I have
> learned
> more recently that the terminals are sealed to the plastic battery case.
> Lifting the battery by the terminals can flex the terminals enough to
> break that seal.  Then the acid electrolyte can seep up right where it