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Re: replacement parts

Hi Steve, Frank, and all other Elec-Trak owners.
I just joined the list yesterday.
I am in the process of purchasing a used Elec-Trak Model E10 Prototype
and another friend of mine will be purchasing a used Elec-Trak Model E20
with a driver enclosure, snow blowing accessories, a non-working E12, and
a non-working Wheelhorse (E12 size).
Can you give us any other advice or info about these machines ?
Does anyone have an owner's manual/shop manual on these machines ?

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998 08:41:21 -0500  "Naugler, Steve" <SNaugler Rodel com>
>       Before you reproduce the brake disc or other parts on or in 
>transmission be reminded that the Elec-Trak transmissions were
>Peerless/Tehcumseh transmissions whose only modifications were the
>elimination of reverse gearing.  (I am not sure if the caliper is from
>Peerless or specific to the Elec-Trak, but the disc should be 
>Most of these parts should be available from any Peerless/Tehcumseh 
>A local John Deere dealer near me can supply me with any parts I need.
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>> From:        Frank Neufell[SMTP:neufell endor com]
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>> Sent:        Wednesday, December 02, 1998 8:36 PM
>> To:  elec-trak cosmos5 phy tufts edu
>> Subject:     replacement parts
>> Fellow elec-trak owners;  With spare parts becoming scarce & more
>> costly, i have been reproducing a few for my own use. I
>> have had good luck with my E12M and only had to make a few pins &
>> bushings but i will need to make a brake disk soon.
>> If anyone has any worn out parts that i could reproduce & improve on
>> please let me know. I am retired but still own a small
>> machine shop.I may be able to make repair parts cheaper than the 
>> & make them avail. direct to elec-trak owners.
>> Frank

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