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(Fwd) New Idea

This came into my web site today.  Forwarding to the list in case any 
one is interested.  Please correspond directly with Larry.


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Date:          Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:10:25 -0400
From:          Larry Elie <lelie ford com>
Reply-to:      lelie ford com
Organization:  Ford Motor Company
To:            darrylmcmahon igs net
Subject:       New Idea

You mensioned Wheel Horse.  Yes, they briefly sold old GE inventory, 
but New Idea did manufacture the tractor for 2 years.  I found an 
NEW E-12 (never sold) on a New Idea lot in Michigan.  I don't need 
the tractor, but the dealer will let it go for $500 (no battery).  
He claims it was demoed once, and looks good.  It has been in his 
shop for years.  

I also have located and E-15 and E-10, with another E-15 elsewhere 
that are available, in working condition w/o batteries.  If people 
need the things I can provide info.  Batteries are only $46 at 
SAM's club, so it isn't even that expensive, unless one of your 
motor magnets breaks.

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