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RE: In response to "Re: Tractor"

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Sent:   Thursday, August 27, 1998 2:38 AM
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Subject:        In response to "Re: Tractor"

I just ordered a manual, called the "Home Owners' Service Manual"
($29.85) from Technical Service. If this manual is like the one I used
before, it includes schematics, trouble shooting diagrams, etc. I think
it should get you started, provided you are prepared to dig into some
electrical stuff. Since I haven't gotten the manual I ordered yet, I
can't tell you for certain what is in it.

"Technical Service" can be contacted at (608) 868-6220. I have their
address as: 7898 Pine View Drive, Edgerton, WI 53534, but you should
probably call them and make sure it's right!

Does anybody else have experience with "Technical Service"?

I have the manuel.  I got it in person at 'Technical Service'.  It is for 
all the tractors, but 
not for any acessories except the basic mower.  If it weren't copyrighted, 
I would scan 
it, but if anyone needed a particular schematic, I think I could copy one 

'Technical Service' has a good machine shop, and lots of prints, parts & 
manuels, but it 
really is a one-man operation.  That has pluses and minuses.  For example, 
a mower 
motor shell with magnet is $100+; more than most people pay for a used 

Larry Elie
lelie ford com

chdku wrote:

>  I am looking for a schematic for a tractor which was given to me and
> a repair manual, is there such a thing? I am having a very hard time
> finding anything out about these
> things.                                                   Thank
> You
> Charles D. Ku