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How do you do.

I am new to this list, and delighted to find it. I have just become the proud owner of an E-15. I have a broken Craftsman, too, but this thing is a beast by comparison. Doc's lawn Shop is selling me a third blade for the mower, as well as a manual. (Thanks, McMahon, for that lead on your page, as well as the lead to this listserver.)
I have asked, er, "Doc" if he knows about any available snowblower (or is it a thrower?) for my machine. Anyone know of one, working or not? I am outside of Boston; geographical proximity is always a plus for shipping or for driving.
Here's to the world of 36vdc.
-Max Hall
-maxo iname com
-Plywood Guy, Scooters, and what-all: http://www.maxmatic.com