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working E-15, non-working Wheel Horse for sale

For Sale:

GE Electrak E-15 with mowing deck.  I am selling this as it is and
without any warranty.  However I connected it up and checked it out
recently and this is what I found:

-> Charger does not work.  
-> Reverse speed 1 does not work.
-> Brake pedal stuck -- moves only with great difficulty.

Working when examined: All forward speeds, Reverse speeds 2 and 3,
Lift motor, Transmission (all speeds), PTO, Lights, Horn, Mowing deck.

$300 or best offer.  You pick up or arrange shipping from Sharon,
MA (about 20 miles southwest of Boston).

Someone expressed interest in this tractor last year, but I seem to
have lost your email.  If you are still interested, I'll give you dibs
on it.
For Sale:

Wheel Horse electric tractor equivalent to E-15.  This tractor was
reported to me by the person from whom I bought it as having a blown
traction motor.  Wheel Horse changed the motor control system and the
motor, so they are not compatible with the GE system.  Most other
things, including the mowing deck, are the same as the GE.  I have not
examined this tractor.  I'll sell it as it is including a mowing deck
for $100 or best offer.

I am still interested in an Electrak snow plow blade and would be
happy to consider one in trade for other equipment.

        Ken Olum
        156 Massapoag Ave.
        Sharon, MA 02067