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Re: Need some info

Rich; Basically your machine requires 6 - 6 volt 220 ah capacity
batteries, these are golf cart batteries. If possible when you purchase
these have the dealer order them with standard automotive posts rather
than the universal type used in golf carts. The rear battery box is not
deep enough to accept the universal posts with studs so you would have
to cut them off and even at that the space is marginal but of course
this varies with mfg. Another suggestion is to shop around. I had a
customer call last week and had just purchased new batteries, he paid
80.00 apiece for them which of course is rediculous. Average price
around the country is about 50.00, have the dealer load test the
batteries with a deep cycle load tester just before the warranty is up
this will protect your investment as well as keeping the tractor in top
shape. Another thing to do with a machine that has sat this long is to
replace the bearings in the mower motors and make sure the brushes are
free in the holders, I realize it has not been used in many years but a
couple bearings is a lot cheaper than a new motor. Hope this helps,