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Need some info


I am the original owner of a 12HP Electrak that has not been used for
about 18 years. It looks great although I have not taken off any of the
motor covers recently. Actually, my dad bought it and then suggested I
start a lawn mowing business! I made quite a bit. I have had the tractor
in my garage for many, many years and would like to get it going (we
have over 9 acres here and it would be handy). In addtion to the tractor
I have the front mounted mower, dozer blade and chain saw. I also have
the weight box and chains for winter plowing. 

I would like to know what type of batteries to buy as replacements and
also am looking for pointers/suggestions on how to go about getting this
going again. 

What sort of things are likely to give me trouble? 

I do have the original service manual along with some of the update

Thanks for any information,