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Second Saturday at Smith, 1/13

Hi, everyone —

Happy New Year! We'll be kicking off Second Saturdays in 2024 on January
13th. As usual, we'll have a few quarter or eighth attempts in the
afternoon, starting around 3pm. If you're interested, please sign up on the
Second Saturday tab on this spreadsheet:


Please sign up before Wednesday the 10th; I'll put together bands the day
after that.

Also, this month the Smith ringers are running an introductory ringing
class during the College's interterm; as part of that, there's going to be
handling-focused ringing from 10am to 3pm on this Saturday. This will be a
good chance for newer teachers to get supervised teaching opportunities,
just to work on your own handling, or to do some beginner-friendly handbell
ringing. If you're potentially interested in being around for (some or all
of) that session, let me know.

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