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Re: Ring in the New Year!

Karen has given us the ok for meeting early, so we should be all set for
board games.

On Wed, Dec 20, 2023 at 8:38 PM Danielle Morse <dmorsebell gmail com> 

> Party is still on for New Year's Eve, but we talked about also meeting
> earlier and playing board games in the library at the church.  I asked 
> but
> haven't heard back from Karen, but I'll assume it's ok.  There is a 
> service
> of Lessons and Carols at Advent starting at 5pm, so I suggest we meet at
> 8pm at the church.  Please don't interrupt the service if it's still 
> going
> on!  We'll crack the window by the Mt. Vernon St door while we're
> downstairs so you can get our attention, and we'll check both doors from
> 11-11:15p for those who want to ring but not game :-)
> If the church asks us not to come early, I'll send another email and 
> think
> of plan B.
> Danielle
> On Fri, Dec 8, 2023 at 8:00 PM Danielle Morse <dmorsebell gmail com>
> wrote:
>> Advent has given us permission to resume our New Year's Eve ringing!  We
>> ring at Advent around midnight, with someone tolling in the new year - 
>> and
>> celebratory ringing before and after, including firing.  Also pot luck
>> snacks and libations in the library downstairs.  All ringers at all 
>> levels
>> are welcome and will get a chance to ring, and please bring along family
>> and friends if they want to join.
>> We'll meet at the Brimmer St door around 11:15pm.  I'll put a column in
>> the spreadsheet so we know approximately who is coming.  The T is free 
>> and
>> runs late that evening.
>> Hope to see you there!
>> Danielle
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