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Three things: New Year's, Podcast episode, & Meeting

Three things:
First-off, we talked at practice about the possibility of doing pre-Ringing
board games in the library of the Church of the Advent on New Year's Eve
(assuming we can get the church to okay it.)  Is that something that would
appeal to other people?

Secondly: This week's episode of Fun With Bells might be of interest, esp.
to our learners and other new(ish) ringers.  It's titled "The Joy of Bells:
New Ringers Reflect on Their New Obsession"

Thirdly: I have 0 authority here, but might it be possible to do a MIT
Guild Meeting at some point in January?   (Monday night might be a good
time; but the 15th, and the weekend preceding, would NOT.)

Thanks for your attention!

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