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More tix

Ok, the various singers I know have passed, so a wider offering.  (With
choral performances, I give singers a days headstart)

Both concerts are at Emmanuel church, on Newbury St, right by the public

As always, it’s only one ticket, and free to the first to claim.  (And yes,
if you know someone that would enjoy this, pass it along). Bemf.org has
specific details, and often a video sample.

5 pm music of Hildegard von Bingen for women’s voices.  She was a 12th
century Abbess, and noted as a mystic, herbalist, composer, and a person
who has visions.

8 pm the London vocal ensemble Stile Antico has a program of Renaissance
music “for and by women”

Yes, this festival has women in music as a theme.  It first happened
because of the operas they picked. One was the oldest known opera with
libretto by a woman, the other was the oldest know opera with a female

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