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Help: Lodging for ART (Assoc of Ringing Teachers) tutor in July

We are hosting ART courses on July 15/16.  We have a tutor visiting from
Australia, and he will be in Boston from Tuesday 7/11 to Tuesday 7/18,
flying in and out of Logan.  I'm planning to offer lodging for a couple
days out in Dracut.

I'm guessing that, from a tourism perspective, it would be preferable if
someone with easier access to Boston is interested or willing to provide
lodging for part of the time.

We are trying to get travel plans nailed down, and I've been remiss in not
asking earlier, so if anyone might be able to help out with lodging, could
you please let me know soon?  Contacting me is not a final commitment -
just a starting point.

Many thanks!
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