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Re: Quorum Wed 12/22

No practice.
We currently have too many maybes, not enough yeses.  And the weather looks
cold too.  So I'm canceling practice tonight, have a good holiday.  See you
next Wednesday?  Sign up for that one too...


On Tue, Dec 21, 2021 at 10:58 AM Danielle Morse <dmorsebell gmail com>

> It looks cold and wet and only a few people have signed up for Advent
> practice tomorrow evening.  Please let me know (email or spreadsheet) if
> you're really coming tomorrow night, I'll cancel if we don't get to at
> least 5 people by tomorrow morning.
> Also if you're in town and willing to ring this coming Sunday, we would
> really appreciate it!
> Danielle (running practice while Austin is out of town)
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