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Fwd: Question about Abel Rudhall

Hi folks,

I've had the below question from TJ at Old North on a topic for which I am
completely, perfectly, ignorant. Anyone able to advise?



Hi Dale, T.J. here from Old North!

I had a quick question I was hoping you might know the answer to. We are
writing a script for a YouTube video on the bells, and I'm trying to figure
out the correct pronunciation of Abel Rudhall's name. Do you happen to know
how it would have been pronounced? There doesn't seem to be a ton of
detailed information about him online, just the usual basics that we know

I presume Abel was pronounced like the word "able" (if you know otherwise
let me know, some say "Ah-bell" which doesn't seem right but maybe I'm
wrong). But I always figured he was named after Abel from the Bible. For
the last name, some variations I've heard are:
A. Rud-hall
B. Rood-hall
C. Ruddle

Do you happen to have any insight on this? Sorry in advance for any
potential confusing language here, it's hard to type-out pronunciations
without all the accents!

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