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Re: Question about Abel Rudhall

Thanks all for answers. Consensus is "Ruddle"

On Sun, Dec 19, 2021, 10:17 AM Dale Winter <moikney gmail com> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I've had the below question from TJ at Old North on a topic for which I 
> am
> completely, perfectly, ignorant. Anyone able to advise?
> Thanks!
> Dale
> Hi Dale, T.J. here from Old North!
> I had a quick question I was hoping you might know the answer to. We are
> writing a script for a YouTube video on the bells, and I'm trying to 
> figure
> out the correct pronunciation of Abel Rudhall's name. Do you happen to 
> know
> how it would have been pronounced? There doesn't seem to be a ton of
> detailed information about him online, just the usual basics that we know
> already.
> I presume Abel was pronounced like the word "able" (if you know otherwise
> let me know, some say "Ah-bell" which doesn't seem right but maybe I'm
> wrong). But I always figured he was named after Abel from the Bible. For
> the last name, some variations I've heard are:
> A. Rud-hall
> B. Rood-hall
> C. Ruddle
> Do you happen to have any insight on this? Sorry in advance for any
> potential confusing language here, it's hard to type-out pronunciations
> without all the accents!
> Best,
> T.J.
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