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Gatekeeping help at ON for Christmas

HI folks,

We've received the below request for help gatekeeping at ON over Christmas.
Please let me know if you'd be interested in helping out. Thanks!


>Our services are as follows:
Christmas Eve:  4pm (finishing around 5:15 or so)
9:30/10pm (finishing around 11:15 or so)
Christmas Day:  11a
Sunday, December 26:  11a

> we will pay a gatekeeper for each service - $50 to arrive  30-45
minutes before each service, check-in registered participants, close gates
and turn random visitors away during each service, open gates to let people
leave -- making sure no one wanders in during that time and locking the
gate when the last attendee leaves.  ... and if you could solicit our
regular ringers to see if anyone would be willing to come early and assist
as listed above, that would be much appreciated!
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