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Re: Let's make a policy about donations to BB/RW for performances

I'm in favor of funding this, and mahjong it party of the annual budget, if
there is such a thing.  Fwiw.

On Tue, Nov 23, 2021, 10:21 AM <lauradi rcn com> wrote:

> When reporting performances to Bellboard started being the usual thing,
> the MIT Guild decided to fund donations up to a total of 25 GBP a year,
> IIRC (considering my memory, it might not be correct). The suggested
> donation per ringer was lower then, and the money (which was put into my
> personal BB account, because we didn't have a way to link it to the Guild
> account, and I was typing up most of the quarters anyway) lasted more 
> than
> a year. When it ran out (or the second time it ran out?) we didn't follow
> up. Fast forward to this fall. Danielle and I think I may have paid for 
> the
> donation for the last couple of quarters out of my own pocket (definitely
> true of the CtKS quarter at ON on the 21st, which I did this morning). I
> presume that the people who sent in earlier things have also done this? 
> Or
> taken money out of petty cash? Or collected from the band? Nobody has 
> asked
> me for formal reimbursement, anyway. Do we want to fund this as a a group
> of Boston ringers? There is a set rope fee for things at the Advent. We
> don't generally collect a rope fee at ON because it is at regular ringing
> times (usually service ringing. The one in memory of Father Way was at
> practice time). Is that still the policy? Should we take money out of the
> "rope" fee to donate to BB/RW? The quarter fees at the Advent generally 
> go
> into the petty cash box anyway.
> Laura Dickerson
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