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Let's make a policy about donations to BB/RW for performances

When reporting performances to Bellboard started being the usual thing, 
the MIT Guild decided to fund donations up to a total of 25 GBP a year, 
IIRC (considering my memory, it might not be correct). The suggested 
donation per ringer was lower then, and the money (which was put into my 
personal BB account, because we didn't have a way to link it to the Guild 
account, and I was typing up most of the quarters anyway) lasted more than 
a year. When it ran out (or the second time it ran out?) we didn't follow 
up. Fast forward to this fall. Danielle and I think I may have paid for 
the donation for the last couple of quarters out of my own pocket 
(definitely true of the CtKS quarter at ON on the 21st, which I did this 
morning). I presume that the people who sent in earlier things have also 
done this? Or taken money out of petty cash? Or collected from the band? 
Nobody has asked me for formal reimbursement, anyway. Do we want to fund 
this as a a group of Boston ringers? There is a set rope fee for things at 
the Advent. We don't generally collect a rope fee at ON because it is at 
regular ringing times (usually service ringing. The one in memory of 
Father Way was at practice time). Is that still the policy? Should we take 
money out of the "rope" fee to donate to BB/RW? The quarter fees at the 
Advent generally go into the petty cash box anyway. 

Laura Dickerson 

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