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Re: Some Updates

Thanks Austin!
I just wanted to unpack the Beverley note - we use "Cambridge above" as a
shorthand, but for Beverley it means at least these three things:
Lead end order is the same as Cambridge, so 2 becomes 6 becomes 3 etc.
All the place bells start (and end) like the same Cambridge place bells, so
you have until you hunt down past the treble to keep ringing Cambridge.
That's at least 4 blows that are identical to Cambridge before ringing a
different blue line.
3rds place bell is the same!  Yay!

These are not all true for York, which is also Cambridge above but has a
different half-lead place.  Hopefully that helps.
I'd love to try Eurydice and Double Beryl, I'll try to take a look at all 4
methods before Wednesday.

On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 4:36 PM Austin Paul <austinjpaul gmail com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Thanks so much for an excellent practice last Wednesday- so much of what 
> we
> rang sounded really good, and everything else had remarkable improvement
> throughout the evening. It was such a warm fuzzy feeling to see and hear
> that progress.
> Other things of note in no particular order:
>    1. Method(s) of the Month(s)
>       - Major - I would like us to stick with Cornwall for a few more 
> weeks
>       to make sure it's solid.
>       - Minor- I would like to propose 2 new methods:
>          - Beverley S Minor - for those that know Cambridge. It's 
> Cambridge
>          above the treble, so should have many familiar bits.
>          - York S Minor - for those that know London. It's also Cambridge
>          above the treble, and London below. Looking at the blue line
> is useful,
>          ofcourse, but paying attention to where you cross the treble in
> the 3
>          methods might also help.
>       2. Friday Handling Sessions
>       - We have been teaching handling on Friday evenings at Advent on
>       muffled bells. We have one very enthusiastic learner right now
> (Katherine
>       from virtual IAP), and 5 teachers. I know others are interested
> in learning
>       to teach, but our ratio is a little ridiculous right now, so if
> there's
>       anyone you know who might want to learn how to ring, let me know
>    3. Method naming opportunities: if you're interested in a quarter peal
>    of either of the below, let me know which ones.
>    - Eurydice Triples
>       <
> https://complib.org/method/43038?accessKey=761f73b222ba2f455e4f13bbf936be7112c271fc
> >
>       - A few weeks ago after ringing Orpheus Doubles
>       <https://complib.org/method/27879>, (Stedman frontwork in whole
>       pulls, with extra dodging at the back) we discovered the Erin
> equivalent
>       (Eurydice) is as-of-yet unnamed on Triples. I think this would be a
> fun
>       project, and John S has already found some compositions.
>       - Double Beryl
>       <
> https://complib.org/method/43097?accessKey=c47a7c5b00b5ed662be769b08e276f1201d5194b
> >
>       - This Saturday, after reviewing the peal board of the first
> quarter of the
>       MIT guild, we realized that one of the methods on it is unnamed! It
> would
>       be fun to ring it and name it after Beryl Nelson, who conducted 
> that
>       quarter and made the needlepoint board. Since it's a double
> method, Double
>       Beryl seems like a logical name, though others are possible (feel
> free to
>       suggest alternatives). This method will also be much trickier to
> ring than
>       it looks on paper- we don't ring much plain major, and there are
> very few
>       familiar signposts.
>       4. Guild meeting
>       - It's time again. John and I will schedule a date for a combined
>       meeting upcoming- stay tuned for details.
> I'm sure there was something else I was supposed to send out too... will
> follow up if it occurs to me.
> See some of you Wednesday!
> Best,
> Austin
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