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Some Updates

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for an excellent practice last Wednesday- so much of what we
rang sounded really good, and everything else had remarkable improvement
throughout the evening. It was such a warm fuzzy feeling to see and hear
that progress.

Other things of note in no particular order:

   1. Method(s) of the Month(s)
      - Major - I would like us to stick with Cornwall for a few more weeks
      to make sure it's solid.
      - Minor- I would like to propose 2 new methods:
         - Beverley S Minor - for those that know Cambridge. It's Cambridge
         above the treble, so should have many familiar bits.
         - York S Minor - for those that know London. It's also Cambridge
         above the treble, and London below. Looking at the blue line
is useful,
         ofcourse, but paying attention to where you cross the treble in 
the 3
         methods might also help.
      2. Friday Handling Sessions
      - We have been teaching handling on Friday evenings at Advent on
      muffled bells. We have one very enthusiastic learner right now 
      from virtual IAP), and 5 teachers. I know others are interested
in learning
      to teach, but our ratio is a little ridiculous right now, so if 
      anyone you know who might want to learn how to ring, let me know
   3. Method naming opportunities: if you're interested in a quarter peal
   of either of the below, let me know which ones.
   - Eurydice Triples
      - A few weeks ago after ringing Orpheus Doubles
      <https://complib.org/method/27879>, (Stedman frontwork in whole
      pulls, with extra dodging at the back) we discovered the Erin 
      (Eurydice) is as-of-yet unnamed on Triples. I think this would be a 
      project, and John S has already found some compositions.
      - Double Beryl
      - This Saturday, after reviewing the peal board of the first
quarter of the
      MIT guild, we realized that one of the methods on it is unnamed! It 
      be fun to ring it and name it after Beryl Nelson, who conducted that
      quarter and made the needlepoint board. Since it's a double
method, Double
      Beryl seems like a logical name, though others are possible (feel 
free to
      suggest alternatives). This method will also be much trickier to
ring than
      it looks on paper- we don't ring much plain major, and there are 
very few
      familiar signposts.
      4. Guild meeting
      - It's time again. John and I will schedule a date for a combined
      meeting upcoming- stay tuned for details.

I'm sure there was something else I was supposed to send out too... will
follow up if it occurs to me.

See some of you Wednesday!
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