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Boston Common Parking Garage

The question arose on the officers list as to whether we should be buying
more passes.

I don't believe they are any longer on offer.
I'll try to confirm sometime when I've managed to arrive during actual
business hours...
They've changed their ticketing machine which no longer accepts the
If you walk down to the office (middle level, near the car exit) and
present your voucher, they'll agree to let you out.  (On the plus side, he
didn't obviously squint at the sale date, so I might get through Cally's
antiques as well as my own (2019).)

I wasn't paying much attention, but I think when I fed the fancy ticket
into the machine, it wanted. $24 (previously had been $14, I think)

Pretty sure I passed a garage on Stuart St (berkeley-ish) that was offering
$15 enter after 5pm parking.

Tl;dr. : The vouchers we have are usable with a nuisance overhead.
Once they're gone, they're gone.

(I'll update when I learn more.)
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