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Re: Boston Common Parking Garage

I have had really good luck with the SpotHero app/site when I need to park
downtown (including the Common Garage). I often find rates that are
significantly less than the posted rates at the garage.
https://spothero.com/faq/ .  I use it all the time for work.

- Mira


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On Thu, Jun 24, 2021 at 6:46 PM Elaine Hansen <EHansen minlib net> wrote:

> The question arose on the officers list as to whether we should be buying
> more passes.
> Nope.
> I don't believe they are any longer on offer.
> I'll try to confirm sometime when I've managed to arrive during actual
> business hours...
> They've changed their ticketing machine which no longer accepts the
> vouchers
> If you walk down to the office (middle level, near the car exit) and
> present your voucher, they'll agree to let you out.  (On the plus side, 
> he
> didn't obviously squint at the sale date, so I might get through Cally's
> antiques as well as my own (2019).)
> I wasn't paying much attention, but I think when I fed the fancy ticket
> into the machine, it wanted. $24 (previously had been $14, I think)
> Pretty sure I passed a garage on Stuart St (berkeley-ish) that was 
> offering
> $15 enter after 5pm parking.
> Tl;dr. : The vouchers we have are usable with a nuisance overhead.
> Once they're gone, they're gone.
> (I'll update when I learn more.)
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