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Re: [m-hb] Handbells (or just social) in the park this Saturday! (5/15)

I'll be there with bells (8) and three chairs and Leland. Looking forward
to seeing you, Michael!


On Wed, May 12, 2021 at 11:09 PM Austin Paul <austinjpaul gmail com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm sending this to bcr AND mit handbells list because some folks aren't
> on the handbells list, but also to consolidate a previous thread that 
> might
> have ended up in "promotions" in some gmail accounts,
> Let's ring handbells (or just hang out outdoors) this Saturday- the
> weather is supposed to be gorgeous! And Michael is in town!
> 3pm-whenever (5:30ish is when people usually dissipate, i think)
> McMath Park in Cambridge (by Rindge Field)
> Hope to see you there- if you could RSVP so that i can ensure we have
> quorum, that would be nice so we don't strand anyone.
> Bring bells and chairs if it's convenient, and maybe a hat and sunscreen?
> Looking forward,
> Austin
> P.S. negotiations regarding starting up irl tower practices are in the
> works- apologies for the time it is taking to get all the things in 
> order.
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