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vague beginnings of organizing for Saturday afternoon gathering

  Michael should be around (unless that has changed). Saturday afternoon 
is convenient for some of us. The weather should be warm with a chance of 
a shower? At least a dozen people know how to get to the McMath Park in 
North Cambridge where there have been handbell meetings, but there are 
other good locations. 
Laura Dickerson

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Subject: visiting boston May 13-16; anyone around?

Hi All,

I've finally escaped lab for a vacation, and I'm stopping by Boston from
Thursday May 13 to Sunday May 16.

I've been informed in-person ringing is extremely limited, but I'd love to
at least see as many people who are comfortable (I'm vaccinated, but would
still prefer outdoors).  If the weather is good, maybe something Saturday
or Sunday afternoon (the 15th or 16th)?

Hope everything is going well over there!

-Michael Tartell
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