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Fwd: Thank you

Hi folks,

Old North wrote to say that they really appreciate our efforts ringing for
events recently (lantern service and Prince Philip). Added to which my
thanks to all involved in organizing or ringing for these events.
Catherines message attached.

Thanks all!


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Dear Dale,

Please convey our gratitude to the guild for both the solemn recognition of
Prince Philip’s funeral and for the joyful cascade at the end of
Lantern2021. It is a humbling thing to even contemplate the many events and
contexts for which Old North’s bells have been rung—we are grateful to this
generation of ringers for making the bells a part of history-making as much
as they are of history.

*Catherine Matthews*
Director of Education, Old North Church & Historic Site
193 Salem Street, Boston, MA 02113
(617) 943-9351| www.oldnorth.com | She/Her
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