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Advent Guild Dues

Hi Boston ringers,

As was mentioned in the minutes and at the meeting, the Advent Guild are collecting dues for the year of 2018-2019. If you have already paid dues, whether by Venmo or by cash to the box, I have you down.

Dues this year are $10, and can be paid any of the following ways:

* Venmo $10 to @Bryn-Reinstadler 
* $10 cash in the box at the Advent followed by an email to me, please
* Check for $10 payable to Bryn Reinstadler, preferably put into my hands and not the box! (or you may be waiting quite a while for it to be cashed)

Although I am keeping track of who has paid dues for the sake of having a record of Guild transactions, there is no penalty for not doing so and you should not feel obliged to pay if it would cause you any difficulty whatsoever.