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Tower cleaning / Steeple Keeping Day

Hi all,

As various people (including me) have noted, we're overdue for a tower-cleaning day at the Church of the Advent.  What this would involve is, well, Clean All The Things: vacuum the rugs, sweep the tower stairs, maybe if we get time take the shop vac. to the bell chamber and/or wash all the cups.  All the sorts of stuff that Danielle and I do ad hoc, but like, thoroughly and in an organized fashion.

These cleanup activities could be paired (if people are interested) with helping out with/learning about steeple-keeping.  Just for starters, we've got a new rope to put on and a couple more that need adjusting, and I should really oil the #7, which is (at minimum) a two-person job; both of these people with an opportunity to learn how to do the basic bits of bell maintenance. 
(I/Ricky/Alan should also teach another basic course on splicing, but it might make sense to make that a separate event.)

Anyway, Cleanup+Steeplekeeping!  It's happening!  Now all we need is a date.  I'm going to suggest a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (after lunch, so around 2-4), one of the next three weekends.  Thus the possible dates are Dec. 1, Dec. 2, Dec. 8, Dec. 9, Dec. 15, and Dec. 16.  If you can make it to any or all of these dates, please email me, and I'll work out when works for the greatest number of people.