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Minutes of the MIT Guild Meeting

( Apologies if everyone's getting this twice, but the system choked on this the first time through.)

MIT Guild of Change Ringers:
Minutes of the Guild Meeting, 12:30 pm, Sept. 9, 2017, Old North Church

I. Election of Officers

President:                    Emily Liu!        (In absentia: subject to her agreement and to the requirements of MIT Student Activities)
Ringing Master:          Abby Timmel!
Steeple Keeper:          Still Ricky!
Handbell Keeper:        Austin Paul!
Treasurer:                   Naomi Schurr! (In absentia, so see above)

Church Liaison:            Ed Futcher
Asst. Steeple Keeper: Jeff Del Papa
Secretary:                    None (Any duties to be carried out ad hoc)

II. Report: Steeple Keeper
As previously proposed, we had someone from Whitechapel (Neil Thomas) visit Old North (and Church of the Advent) in November 2016.  They found no major problems at Old North.  Since then, we’ve had a stay break, which John Schreiner graciously (and quickly!) replaced.  No other major issues.

III. (Very) Old Business
Reimbursement of Elaine Hansen, for expenses arising from the 1995 AGM of the NAGCR.  Elaine didn’t have a precise figure for this, but estimated the sum at around $1200-$1400.
It was agreed to repay her $1000 now (since we have more than that in the exchequer) and ask for a full accounting at the next Annual Meeting next May.

IV. New Business:

1.     Nomination of an Apprentice Steeple Keeper, so as to train new people in bell maintenance.  However, Jeff Del Papa had volunteered (or previously been elected) as assistant steeple keeper; the Guild agreed to confirm him in that role.  It was therefore proposed that we hold a Steeple Keeper Training Day at some future point.
(I would recommend that our steeple keeper and ringing master figure out the date for this.)

2.     Nomination of a Church Liaison, since this has hitherto been done on a strictly ad hoc basis, and is likely to become increasingly important in the future (see below).  Ed Futcher had volunteered for this role; confirmed by acclamation.

3.     Hosting the Annual General Meeting of the NAGCR (that’s North American Guild of Change Ringers, for new folks) in 2019.  Several people have been kicking this idea around over the last few weeks, particularly with a view to avoiding both the difficulties faced the last time we did this, and the aspects of AGM’s since then (notably, expense and scheduling) that have made attendance there less attractive for many ringers.
Doing this would entail a great deal of advance preparation (especially since the NAG likes to have these things set in stone well in advance), but also involves a number of unknowns (e.g. getting permission from one or both churches and their respective neighborhoods to ring for long periods of time outside normal hours.)
For this reason, it was agreed to table the matter for the moment, while individual members work on the logistics.

4.     (One or two other proposals were tabled: see below under Ongoing.)

V. Ongoing and/or Deferred Business:

1.     Pay Elaine back for the rest of her expenses from 1995!

2.     Possible Revision of the Guild Constitution?
-       The current one doesn’t reflect how we actually operate these days
-       Look up MIT requirements, esp. for who can be President

3.     Fundraising: At the moment, our main source of income (other than any funds we get from MIT) is payments for weddings—which are unpredictable at best.  It was therefore proposed that we charge a nominal membership fee, as the Advent Guild does.  (Current MIT students might be exempt from this.)

4.     Find out whether we have money in an account at MIT (?)

5.     Hold a Steeple Keeper Training Day.  (May be of interest to non-Tower Bell ringers interested in things like splicing.)

6.     Old North is launching a major campaign to restore parts of the church to their state in 1775.  Find out how this will affect us, whether we can influence the final result, and whether we can work out ways for it to benefit us.

7.     Look into the logistics of hosting a NAGCR General Meeting in 2019 (or 2020).

VI. Next Meeting:
 I would suggest May 14, 2018 (Building 5, 8pm), since final exams will be taking place on the following Monday (the 21st).
R. Morse stressed (and I think we all agreed) that it should not take place next September!

--Josh Burson, acting secretary
(Email me separately if you want the