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Re: MIT Guild Meeting 5/9/2016 at 6:30PM in 5-231

Present early:
Luke Sciarappa
Laura Dickerson
Jeff Del Papa
John Danaher
Margaret Pan
Cally Perry

Arriving later:
Myles Louis Dakan
Elaine Hansen  (with proxy for Ricky)

The following offices were filled:

Ringing Master:  Ricky, nominated by me, seconded by Laura, elected unanimously with one abstention from the person who has never met Ricky.

Steeple Keeper:  Ricky reelected.  Jeff volunteered for the position Assistant Steeple Keeper, which, while not in the constitution, is a very good idea.   We elected him.  

Keeper of the handbells:

The remaining incumbents "get" to keep their offices.

I talked a little about the recent meeting with Erin from Old North about the renovations the are hoping for for the tower.  These include replacing the benches with something less dangerous, although we may keep one or two in the tower.  They are also planning to remove the chiming rack (but not the pulleys).  We would like to be present to approve replacement bench selection, to make sure they leave room for ringing.  We must also oversee and sprinkler installation or chiming hammer removal.  There will be other new furniture, including new boxes and a longer, sturdier TV stand. They would like to make a new video.

Laura suggested that it's about time to have someone with professional training take a look at the bells, maybe Linda Woodford or Neil Thomas.  It's been a while.

We are all excited that Luke will be in town over the Summer and able to ring with us.  

We are also in agreement that Myles should not leave, or at least, should come right back when done gallivanting about.

Then we rang some handbells.


On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 12:40 AM, Cally Perry <cally perry gmail com> wrote:
The MIT Guild Meeting will be at 6:30PM at handbells in room 5-231, two weeks from today on May 9th.   We will elect new officers.  

Other topics I'd like to put up for discussion include 
1) mailing lists
2) handbell rooms, hours and concert choir
3) ringing courses

Handbell regulars will probably be getting burritos from Anna's in the student union first. There will be snacks.  The 6:30 hour is so that folks in concert choir can come by for 15 minutes at the beginning and offer suggestions on how we can make it easier for them to come to handbells.

Cally, hoping to see as many of you as possible there!