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Hi! I’m sorry; I had intended to be at the meeting tonight. However, after 
the day I have had (following the week I have had), and adding in some 
minor intestinal distress, I really don’t want to leave the house this 

I’ll give my proxy vote to Danielle. I’m interested in remaining 
steeple-keeper. I would be willing to be tower captain if need be. We 
should mention in the meeting what the church warned us vis-a-vis their 
current capitol campaign. I don’t know of any other issues that need 
dealing with?

Steeple-keeper’s report:
        - we have four bells that needed to have staple bolts replaced; 
two have had it done, 7 & 8 still need it (once weather gets a touch 
warmer). 5 needs to have adjustments of some sort made, as it’s a bit 
        - new ropes on all but 5 & 1. I will start stretching these ropes 
soon, but intend to leave them to stretch for several weeks each (like, 4 
or 5 weeks).
        - we have replaced two of the grommit hole wooden tops (6 & 7). 
The 4 was repaired with glue. The 8 is still fixed with duct tape, but 
that doesn’t seem to be wearing through. The others were fine the last 
time I looked, but I should verify that.
        - I need to find a time to stop by the tower and go through all of 
the historical ropes and determine which are still useful, and which can 
go away.