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No Boston ringing on actual New Year's Eve. Festivities added to Advent practice.

   Many people will be away or otherwise unavailable on Thursday night (the 31st, New Year's Eve).  More ringers are going to be around on Wednesday evening the 30th, the usual practice night at the Church of the Advent.  Please come to practice  (7-9 PM).  In the second half of practice, there will be ringing (firing will occur) and eating, spilling over into more socializing time after the end of practice.   Please bring something to share if you can, but don't worry about it if you can't.  We'll bring extra.  Arthur and I won't be able to get there until 8, so don't worry about it if you or your non-ringing friends and loved ones can't be there for the whole practice time either.  Show up for as much or little time as possible.

   I am also addressing this to people who don't ring usually ring tower bells or don't usually ring in Boston.  If you need a place to stay after traveling a long way, let us know. 

   Happy New Year (early or regular) to you all!


Laura Dickerson