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NewYear's Eve - a radical idea

  We currently have 4 yeses and one maybe (plus two non-ringing partners) for midnight-ish on New Year's Eve.  Arthur and I are willing to come for ringing on four if people want to do it, but I had the thought that we could declare the celebration to be on New Year's Eve Eve (ie Wednesday practice).  We could bring the treat food and celebrate in the library after practice.  Or go out, if that is what people want to do.  I hate the thought of punting NYE ringing - it would be the first time since 1987 - but having more people socializing (possible on the 30th?) would be good. 
On the other hand, if this prompts lots of people (for values of a lot meaning two or more) to decide to come on the 31st, that would be good too.
Laura Dickerson