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Unusual Old North schedule on Saturday Dec 5th

   Danielle noticed that the list of practice attendees and wedding ringers had a strong overlap.  We have consulted with everybody necessary at the church (I hope), and practice is being switched to 5 PM on Saturday (ie an hour before the wedding).
The plan is that we will ring up, have practice ringing for a while, do our best possible ringing for ten or fifteen minutes before the ceremony (ie at about 5:45 PM), hang around in the ringing room during the ceremony, and then ring for fifteen minutes when the wedding is over.  In theory, this should total somewhat under two hours, similar to a regular practice, but it will be happening at 5PM,   *NOT* 11 AM.  If you hadn't already signed up to ring for the wedding, feel free to come anyway.  We'll figure out how to disburse the fees.

Summary:  NO 11-1 Practice on Saturday the 5th.
YES practice ringing and wedding ringing combined 5PM  until twenty minutes after the ceremony ends.

Please let me know if you have questions.  Also, whoever does the various spread sheets and MIT web page listings and such, please make these changes.  Thanks.

Laura Dickerson