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Minutes from Advent Guild of Bellringers yearly meeting

Advent Guild of Bellringers
Meeting held Sept 2, 2015

Run by Danielle

In attendance:
Diane, Cally, fray, annag, Danielle, Myles, Elaine, Greg, Roger (guest), Ricky, John, Josh, Laura, Kirby, Genni

Josh was proposed for membership.  Accepted as member!
reminder to pay dues: $10, and to join the NAG

Treasurer report (not present, through Danielle): Mel is willing to continue
$148 in money box + $10 in quarters+ random change, 13 parking passes (now $9 each), current bank: $2,667 + ~$500?! savings.

Secretary report: nothing to report.

Steeple report: everything is in decent shape.  Need a new bolt for the 5?! Laura may be able to meet up with the bolt.
New ropes are here, but Elaine hopes to get another year out of the ones we have first.

Church Liaison was Dale, we appointed Ed when Dale left.
Ed is talking to the church to try and turn this into a ring of 10...we'll see how that goes...

Danielle's report: We have been ringing: yay! Myles had his first quarter, we also got Spliced Surprise Minor and Spliced Surprise Major.  Continue to come to practice and service ringing.  Everyone should continue to fill out the spreadsheet. If Danielle stays tower captain, she wants more help with: announcements for when there is no practice (she can probably do this), organizing quarter peals, ringing outings to other places--headcounts and rides, maybe invite others here for open ringing, cleanup around the tower, where to get water from [found after meeting: there is a sink in the kitchen where this can be refilled.]"  Laura is willing to help with jobs coordination.  Ricky is willing to help with organizing quarter peals. [Genni is willing to help with water refills.]  Maybe we can add another page to the spreadsheet for job coordination.
Maybe some things could go back to Ringing Master duties.

Laura says: Area Meeting in NY on Sept 12.  A few people are taking the bus there.  12 bell ringing and lunch provided.  Slightly more information here: http://www.nagcr.org/meetings/2015/09/trinity-new-york-city.html
The following week: On Sun, Sept 20th at Smith, more ringers would be appreciated to help teach beginners (their equivalent of the midway is on Friday, beginner handling on Sat, hunting practice and more on Sunday.)  Looking for more stronger ringers on Sunday to help with the beginners.
Deadline for registering for the AGM has already passed, but takes place on the first weekend in October, in Shreveport.
To pay dues: Leave $10 in the box and write down your name on the list

Tower Captain: Danielle: willing to continue with help, nominated. Elected.
Ringing Master: was Dale, who was replaced.  John nominated and willing to take over.  Elected.
Treasurer: Mel willing to continue, elected.
Secretary: Genni, willing to continue, elected.
Steeple Keeper: Elaine, willing to continue, elected. Myles: assistant steeple keeper!
Clapper Correspondent: Laura, willing to continue, elected.
Church Correspondent: Was Dale, Ed appointed, willing to continue. Ed elected.

Todo--Treasurer: We should put a second name on the account (currently only Mel's name is there.)
Todo--Church Corespondent: Ask Ed about cleaning--the floor never seems to be vacuumed at all... And, something should be done to stop the walls from shedding.

MIT midway for recruiting: 2:30-4:30PM. Annag will be at the midway.  Naomi likely,  Maybe: Myles, John may be able to attend.  Maybe Ben can go for a tiny bit?!  Unlikely: Kirby

Meeting adjourned.