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Tentative plans for July 3rd

    Picnic at the Advent at 7PM.  Ringing for the 1812 at something resembling 10 PM.  Fireworks, trudge home.  Sleep in order to

be fresh for ringing at Old North at noon on Friday (still presumed to happen, unless the weather prevents it). 

    I think all the people who were planning to be away on the 4th will also be unavailable on the 3rd, and three people who were planning

to attend on the 4th won't be there on Thursday.  I have developed an attitude of whatever happens is fine, but it would be nice to get as many

people as possible for each event (picnic, ringing, ringing).  I presume that Thursday is a work day for many people, so the food at the picnic

might be more random than usual - as Rosalie & John each pointed out, there is a Whole Foods nearby, among other places for last-minute


     If the concert planners change  plans again, I'll email and text around.

     Other notable facts - Storrow Drive will be closing at noon.  Mem Drive, the Longfellow Bridge, and the Mass Ave Bridge will all be 

closing at 6 PM.