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TWO weddings on saturday october 12th

Hi folks,

We do now have a band for the wedding at advent:

Geoff, Danielle, Laura, Elaine, Emily, Dale.

So thankyou to those five, and there's space for two more if you're keen. 
I'll send out final details closer to the time.

We have also had a request for wedding ringing at Groton school on the 
same day, 4.30 pm service, ringing both before and after the service if we 
can manage it. I'd like to do this if we can, but fear it will difficult 
to get the people. Please let me know if you'd be interested, or might be 
interested, or might be interested if we can also wrangle a quarter peal 
on the same afternoon, or have an idea of someone who might be interested. 

again, replies off list if you please.

all the best,


On Sep 17, 2013, at 8:54 AM, Dale Winter wrote:

> hi all,
> we've had a request for bells after a wedding at Advent. The date is 
> saturday Oct 12, and the service is due to start at 4.00pm, so I'd 
> imagine we'll be ringing sometime like 4.40, though i'll confirm closer 
> to the time. The usual honorarium is available for the the first eight 
> people. Please let me know (off list to avoid spam) if you'd like to 
> ring.
> cheers,
> dale