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Fwd: Brewster-Kent Area Meeting (Oct 26) -- Focus on Major Methods

Hi all -

Message below from Paul Windells about the Brewster/Kent area meeting October 26 - all are welcome, sounds like there will be a focus on 8-bell ringing, in particular Plain, Little, St. Clement's, and Double Norwich Major.  Let Paul or Matt know if you're going!


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Date: Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 11:14 AM
Subject: Re: Brewster-Kent Area Meeting (Oct 26) -- Focus on Major Methods
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We would like to invite you to our upcoming area meeting on Saturday, October 26.  Can you pass this on to the other Boston ringers?   
Given the variable attendance at recent Brewster-Kent area meetings, we are planning a ringing program specifically designed to take advantage of Brewster's moderate to light eight.  Our program will focus on ringing major methods -- specifically Plain Bob, Little Bob, St Clement's, and Double Norwich.  St Clement's and Double Norwich are fun methods that don't get rung as often as they should be, and I am working on having our Brewster band as a whole master Plain and Little Bob, including touches and splices, at the 8-bell level. 
While we will have some general ringing, I intend to concentrate on these four major methods throughout the ringing at Brewster (10 am until noon -- with a possible quarter peal or more ringing during lunch).  When we are at Kent during the afternoon, we can ring more of the same, while also ringing on nine and ten.
We will have lunch at Brewster and, depending on attendance and people's preferences, try to organize a get-together for dinner after ringing at Kent.
We look forward to a fun day of good ringing on Oct. 26.
All the best. 
cc:  Matt Bogen