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Church of the Advent minutes from 2012 and 2013

I have included the meeting minutes from the Advent Guild Meetings from 8/1/2012 and 8/28/2013 below.


Meeting 8/1/12
Attendees: Dale, Danielle, Elaine, Emily, Genni, John, Laura Dickerson, Ricky
Guests: Anders, Dan, Edward, Kirby, Leonard, Theresa

Treasurer report:
Church bought new ropes.
Haven't gotten dues for the past year or spent much money.

2 ropes still haven't been switched out.  It is likely the 7 and the 3.  (The 7 has a splice in it.)
Someone should inspect the ropes: 8 was mistucked or it was in one position for too long and needs repair (fibers are only taped.)  Others need retucking in the next few months.
The ropes were bought in Calendar '11, hoping they last 10 years.

Tower captain had nothing to report.

Ringing master report:
Successful quarter peal recently of dicksons spliced with ___

Church Liaison:
Things seem to be going well between the Church & us.  Two things to note regarding things we would like done: 1) the walls should be painted to minimize dust, 2) Is the fire alarm done? Remind Church by email.

Nominated people to be members of our club, if not already members: Kirby, Anders, Dan, Theresa, Edward


Tower captain: John nominated, elected
Ringing master: Emily, Kirby nominated. Kirby elected
Treasurer: Dale nominated, elected.
Secretary: Genni nominated, elected.
NAG Rep: possible Boston NAG rep, instead of separate offices between guilds.  Laura nominated, elected.
Steeple Keeper: Anders declines nomination.  Elaine accepts, elected. Ricky willing to help.
Clapper Correspondent: Laura nominated, elected.
Peal Secretary: eliminate office?  Leaving vacant because conductors can submit this themselves.
Church Liaison: Dale nominated, elected.

Treasurer: get some things from previous treasurers, Greg and Oliver and look at things like ringing world renewal. 
Secretary: look through CD-find member list/create some sort of private list for members (to see?), of current and all members.
Update constitution.  Last updated in 1984??
We got ear protection! Yay!
Possible Online check in and out.  John will work on this.
Next meeting-for 2013, possibly Sept 25th
Keys: John (has Olver's), Elaine, Ricky

Announcement: Groton now requires liability insurance.  Possible ringing again there soonfor AGM.  Possible Ringing @ Old North for North End festivities.

Meeting Adjourned.

Dues Collected.

Meeting 8/28/2013
Attendees: Dale, Danielle, Elaine, Emily, Genni, Kirby, John, Laura, Ricky

Steeple Keeper: Still 2 ropes left. Should put rug under tenor rope so the rope degrades less quickly

Treasurer: Guild has $2500 cash. Had to spend money getting control of the accounts...money spent and gained from weddings. Collecting dues of $10/each

Church wants an open day, we should send someone downstairs for publicity and promote during the fair, and still working on repainting the walls....

President: rang a new method at Old North. Working on lots of Surprise Minor and Surprise Major. Would like to ring more quarters and quarters of spliced. Meet Freshman at MIT at Lobby 7 next week, and try to get them here at 8, then JP Licks. Laura, Kirby, John will be at the midway this Friday.

Nominate members: Ben, Mel. We all accept their nominations if they themselves are interested.


Tower captain: John, nominated for reelection, accepted

Ringing master: Kirby current. Danielle nominated, accepted

Treasurer: Dale, nominated for reelection, accepted

Secretary: Genni, nominated for reelection, accepted

NAG rep, clapper correspondant: Laura, nominated for reelection, accepted

Steeple Keeper: Elaine current, nominated for reelection, accepted. Kirby willing to help when

Peal secretary: As with last year, empty office, conductors can submit it themselves

Church Liaison: Dale nominated for reelection, accepted


Check the Internet, and update contact information for the guild. This doesn't appear to be on the NAG site, but Eddy and Danielle still get emails about this... theadventboston.org needs to be updated as well....

Secretary: work on a member list

Update constitution

Online check in and out—continue working on that...