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Re: Ringing at Old North Church

You are very welcome to join us at practice and service ringing in Boston.  Practice at Old North Church is 11am-1pm on Saturdays, Practice at Church of the Advent is Wednesday evenings 7-9pm and service ringing is 10:10 at Church of the Advent and noon at Old North.  While practice at Old North is on some sundays in the off season, October is still high tourist season in Boston so practice will be on Saturday.
I've cced Ricky, who is ringing master at Old North.
Look forward to meeting you in October,
Danielle Morse

On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 4:25 AM, Peter Tottman <pjtottman virginmedia com> wrote:

Can you help please.


I have attempted to e-mail Ricky Morse regarding ringing at the Old North Church but have not had a reply.


My e-mail message sent of 15 July was as follows


Dear Mr. Morse


I found your e-mail address on the MIT Guild of Ringers web site.


I have been a regular vacation visitor to Boston and New England for many years now and have visited the Old North Church as a tourist.  In the past few years we have restored and augmented the ring of bells in our village church here in Essex, England (http://www.willingalebells.org/) and as a result I have become a ringer but still at an early stage - I ring call changes and plain hunt.  I will be visiting Boston commencing 2 October and would be very grateful if I could ring with you to bring together my interested in the history of the USA and bell ringing.







Can you please provide some other means of contacting Mr Morse or another person’s contact details who might be able to answer my question.



Many thanks



St Christopher's, Willingale Bell Ringers

Tower Captain - Ian Kerwin 01245 248382


Peter Tottman, MBA, IEng, MIET, MIDGTE

Bells Restoration Co-ordinator

c/o Brick House





Tel/fax 01277 896340

Mobile 07879 803533

e-mail pjtottman virginmedia com

Bells restoration funded by




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